Tennis Control 55.

Tennis Control

The ONSI NONI racket incorporates many of the latest ROX ONSI technological innovations developed through thoughtful engineering, originality and craftsmanship.
ACE POWER SYS .Combining aerodynamic frame geometry, Graphite Composite construction and frame weight and even balance, the ONSI NONI racket provides an ideal combination of power, control, comfort and durability.

ROX ONSI develop equipment used by the world’s leading players because ROX ONSI has long believed & demonstrated that engineering equipment to be used in professional competition makes for better products for the everyday player.
FUSED TECH. Our engineers place product quality and performance before anything else, before productivity or ease of manufacture, and our success stems from our unrivalled commitment

  • Head size: 110 sq in – L2
  • Frame Weight: 285 grams
  • Balance: 320+-
  • Construction: Graphite Composite
  • String Pattern: 16m / 18c
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Cover: 3/4 Cover
  • Tension: 20-24k
  • Length: +-685mm
  • INSPIRED BY Walid Onsi
  • USED BY ROX technology
  • Built for success